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Do you want to search for your friends on Facebook? If you just have an email ID and want to know the home address or landline number of the person who owns the ID, then you should Search by Email on Facebook. Since Internet is a huge ocean of information, securing basic personal credentials can be tough if you just have an email as the keyword.

With Facebook social networking site, you are in luck! Facebook offers you a powerful “search” option that provides correct information about person you are seeking – with just an email ID as a clue. However, there is still a trick to find the correct information through Facebook.

Here are some tips to search for your friends on Facebook, when you just have the email address of the person.

  • Log-In to Know the Details – No details would be displayed unless you have logged in to Facebook. This popular social networking site has millions of users who have their own pages, resumes, and photos uploaded on the site. If you log in, you can at least find out the initial data of the person you are looking for.
  • Request for Getting Accepted as “Friend” – By simply searching the database after logging in to Facebook, you cannot view the entire information of the person. To view the complete information, you need to request the email ID holder to accept you as a “friend” and wait for the request to be accepted. .

An Effective Tool to Search a Person on Facebook with an Email ID

If you were to use search engine tools to find out more information about a person with just an email ID, you would perhaps get no result or dig up wrong results. Social networking sites are useful to assay the searching venture as more and more net-savvy people are using social sites to promote their online presence. Before hiring a person, delegating a huge responsibility, or simply verifying credentials, it is useful to check Facebook to find out more about a person.

If you are looking out for information on how to search for a person using Facebook, then it is highly recommended that you use an easy to use tool A tool like this would help you to easily find any email adress and information about the owner.

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It is tough to fish out the right information about a person with just an email ID with you. Without a guide to show you the right process, you may be wandering aimlessly in the Internet. Facebook offers a novel way to search the net for information about a person with a particular email ID. A step-by-step guide can lucidly delineate the process for you.

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