Trace Email Origin

Looking to Trace Email Origin of a horrible email you received? Perhaps you have been getting upsetting threats in your inbox and you are curious to know if this is a prank or a dangerous person pestering you.

With the amount of emails that we get nowadays, you can never be too sure which ones are real or not. In any way, you can always trace email origin by means of obtaining the IP Address in the header. Most people think that in order to track email addresses, you’ll have to go through difficult tasks, when really, it is very effortless!

1. Look for the header in the email you wish to trace. The header of an email includes the subject, sender’s name, sender’s email address and the IP address of the sender. Depending on the type of email service you use, the header of an email will be in different locations.

2. Copy the email header. Highlight the header by holding down the left button of the mouse at the end of the header. While keeping the left mouse button held down, drag the mouse over the entire email header. Right click and select “Copy” or press ctrl + c on your keyboard.

3. Find a website that allows you to locate the origin of an email by pasting a header into a box.

4. Paste the email header into the text box on the website. To do this, right click and select “Paste” or press ctrl + v on your keyboard.

5. Click on either a “Get Source” or “Submit” button. After the next page loads, the results will display notifying you of the email’s origin.

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When you receive an email with questionable content, the authenticity of the message may seem difficult to trace back. For new computer users, the ability to trace emails is out of sight in many email clients. The tips above will teach you simple advanced ways to find the IP address of the sender by viewing the headers of the message and a using an IP Locator. However, if you’re unsure of what to do and confused on how to start, why don’t you try using a tool which instantly finds email adresses and information about the owner of an email adress?

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Spam is a widespread type of email that many people get in their Inbox on a daily basis. Like “junk mail” you receive in your physical mail box, spam emails focus on trying to sell you a merchandise or service. Sometimes you may even receive spam from malicious sources, such as scammers or hackers. If this is the case, you may wish to trace the origin of the email to see where it originated. You just have to look for the header in the email that you received and find a website that you can use that can trace the origin of the email.

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