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I’m pretty sure that with the multitude of unwanted emails or spam mails you get everyday, you want to be able to learn how to Trace Email, right? Have you ever received an email that promises that the information it contains can alter your life and you want to know who sent it to you?

Or would you rather want to be more proactive than merely finding yourself clicking the delete button in your email account? Yes, spam tends to be annoying most of the time and wouldn’t it be nice if you know how to get into the origin of such emails?

If you are desperately seeking the answers to all the questions posted above, then worry no more. We have listed a guide for you that hopes to give what you are looking for.

You first have to set up your header.

Each email you receive includes headers. The headers contain information about the routing of the message and the originating Internet Protocol address of the message. So now that you know the importance of headers, how do you get the header to start the trace email process? Every available electronic messaging program or application is different when it comes to getting the message options, but here are the basics that are simply a right click away:

1. If you are using Outlook – Go to your inbox and right click the message. Choose Message Options. A window will open with the headers in the bottom of the window.

2. If you are using Gmail – Select the option correspondence. In the upper right corner of the email, you’ll see the word Reply with a little down arrow to the right. Click the down arrow and choose Show Original.

3. If you are using Hotmail – Choose View Message Source by right clicking on the memo

4. If you are using Yahoo – Choose View Full Headers by right clicking on the note.

  • Second, find the first IP address listed in the header. It is usually termed as the IP initiating point. However, there are a few exceptions to this in which you’ll have to carefully look into the information logically to figure out the originating IP.
  • If all else fail, use a specialized Website Email Back Tracker. This feature allows you to reversely look into email routes or paths of email addresses in your inbox.

Use A Great Tool To Personally Trace Email: Use Electronic Messaging Programs and a Specialized Website Email Back Tracker

You are, by now, ready to trace email or emails that you have long been searching the origin of. If you want a more detailed insight of it, however, why not start using a tool that’s designed to trace and find email adresses?

After that, you will discover the various options of tracing those spam emails! It will help you find the headers and give you a list of great personal electronic messaging programs! It will also give you an overview of specialized website email back trackers. There are certainly a lot of options! How awesome is that?

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It’s never too difficult anymore to find out who your emails are coming from once you are able to configure your email headers, knowing the first IP listed in the said header and your last resort of using a specialized website email back tracker tool available for free online. It is still advisable to use a step-by-step guide to ensure the quality and the ease of tracing emails!

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