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Ever wondered how to Email Trace? Have you ever found yourself in a situation wherein you open your inbox and then you read this unknown mysterious email but don’t have a single clue on who sent it or why on earth you ever received such an email? Spam mails, as they call it, are practically normal contents that you get to see in your email accounts. Spam, as what they are more popularly termed, often find their way to your email exceedingly, that it actually sometimes take up a bigger bulk of your email account storage capacity.

Well look no further! Below are the different steps of doing an email trace. So if you’re tired of going through your unwanted emails over and over again, then just try to do the following.

1. Enabling Email Headers. Before anything else, what are headers? Email headers are lines added at the top of an email message that are used by servers as the email goes on route to be delivered. Exactly how do you actually enable this?

* For Yahoo users: First, you need to log in to your account and click on the “Options” link in the upper navigation bar.

* Now click on the “General Preferences” link. This button is located under the Management Column, just right below the Mail Addresses and Filters options.

* In the paragraph titled Messages, you need to locate the “Headers” heading and select “All

Finally, once you’ve already finished doing all three steps, go to your inbox and open any one of your emails. From there you would notice that your emails now contain additional headers.

2. Understanding Email Headers. The process goes like this – for example, you are to send an email to another party, both the sender and the recipient will have two email gateways. First, it will go to the sender’s local server and then to the sender’s main server. From the main server, the email will be transmitted back to the receiver’s main server and then to the receiver’s local server. There is a total of 4 servers used in this process.

3. Tracking the Original Sender. The easiest way for finding the original sender is by looking for the X-Originating-IP header, this header is important since it tells you the IP Address of the computer that had sent the email.

Using A Tool To Easily Search, Find Any Trace Any Email Adress

By now, you already have prior understanding of how you can email trace using headers. If that’s not enough though, then we suggest that you take a look at this tool as it can instantly find any email adress and the owner’s information. The tool will also help you know from whom your emails are coming from! It will teach you about the nature of spam mails, how headers work, and how headers are important in tracing malicious emails!

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Tracing mysterious emails is as easy as enabling your email headers, understanding how email headers work and tracking the original sender by looking for the X-Originating IP header. We strongly suggest that you look into a step-by-step guide so you can get through these technicalities.

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