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Have you ever tried looking for a long lost cousin or college buddy of yours through Facebook Email Search? If so, you pretty much have experienced the same situation like that of the millions of other Facebook users out there.

In fact, a lot of people find it very essential for them to use this feature of Facebook, not only to find family members, previous colleagues at work and old friends, but also to extend and widen their connections and contacts from local to global areas.

Social networking sites such as Facebook has become an instant phenomenon as it easily helps individuals to get in touch and locate people quickly without having to hire and pay for somebody to physically look for the whereabouts and information about that person.

Using the Facebook email search option is not rocket science! The basics of using Facebook, or FB, as connoted by enthusiasts, and its searching capability will be laid out for you to see and learn.

1. Before you even begin your search, it is important that you create a Facebook account. The only time you can access the website’s search feature is when you sign up for an account and log in to it. Just like any other account-based site, you will be provided with your selected Facebook ID, which would always be the email that you registered with, together with your chosen password. Input all these information on the login page.

2. On the very top portion of the site, you will find a blue horizontal bar that is divided into three sections. In the middle section you will find the search bar – a long white box that has a magnifying glass icon on the right most part. This is where you can simply type the email address, hit enter and if you’re lucky enough, you would be able to find a profile that will match the email address that you put in!

3. If you don’t know the email address, you can also make use of the person’s full name, educational background, work affiliations and the like.

Using A Tool for Finding People You Have Been Looking For Via Facebook Email Search

You have just learned how you can find people via Facebook email search. But, if you still want to learn more, then it’s highly recommended to use a tool which can instantly find email adresses. The tool will definitely help you not only find people that you know, but will also help you expand your social network! It will have a list of things you can do, other ways you can search for people, and look for the person you’ve been dying to find!

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Using Facebook’s Email Search feature is so easy to use! All you need is to log onto your Facebook account, and on the search bar, enter the email address and voila – you get to the person’s profile immediately! However, if you don’t know the email address, you can just type in the name or any related information about the person you are looking for. It’s that simple!

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