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Email is a wonderful tool for quickly communicating with people, but sometimes you need to Trace Email Route an unknown message. When you think of unknown emails, you usually get an image of a company or individual sending out random spam messages. Not all unknown messages are spam and some are actually really important.

It’s just that you may receive thousands of spam messages that you filter out all unknown messages. We even get to the point where some of us don’t even want to check our messages. Well you don’t have to hide, by following these simple tips you can protect yourself from spam and find out the source of that unknown email.

Create dummy email accounts

If you are worried about getting junk mail, set up an account where you won’t have to worry so much if you get random messages from unknown sources. Don’t give this email address to your friends, family, business associates of clients. Maybe use a free email site like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

Have at least three accounts

Once you setup your dummy account, setup accounts for business and personal use. Do not, under any circumstances use this email address for the purposes described above, unless of course you want to get tons of unwanted email. Having other accounts will not guarantee that you will never receive junk, you just reduce the chances.

Do not delete spam mail, report them

If you delete an email without reporting it, not only will you continue to get emails from this source, but a lot of other people will too. Whenever you report an email as spam, the IP where the email was sent from is put on a block list. IPs that have been put on a block list will no longer be able to send messages.

Once you’ve taken the precautions to protect yourself from spam you can focus on more important emails. But, what about those emails you’re not sure about. What do you do with them? You can find out the source in several ways. One way is to do it manually by checking the email headers. If you are technically inclined, it will take you a few minutes to figure this out. If you have a few messages, it may take more than a few minutes.

Using a simple tool to like the Trace Email Route Service to quickly locate the source of a message.

It already takes a lot of time to read email. Do you also have extra time to find out the source of several emails? When you use the email trace service you can check the source of several messages in just a few minutes. It won’t only give the IP address, but it will show the identity of the user and any relevant info.

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When working with spam mail, remember to create dummy email accounts, setup more than one email account and report spam messages. This will reduce the garbage you receive, but to handle unknown messages, do not delete or add them to block lists until you can confirm the source using the email tracer.

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